To Neighbors Who Missed the August 19th Forum…

Our 2nd gathering of neighbors concerned with Ellis Act evictions and legislation dealing with the housing crisis took place this past Tuesday evening at the Tel Hi Neighborhood Center. Marla Knight, co-founder of the North Beach Tenants Committee, introduced the agenda and announced that Ellis Act evictions are down in numbers since February this year, but “buy-outs” are up. This is a tactic used by speculators to get around using the Ellis Act which would limit their investment-flexibility, ie. condo conversion. We are hearing of quite a range in terms of “buy-out” amounts: as low as $2,000.( to the perceived easy prey, ie. Monolingual and/or Elderly  and as high as $80,000.

July 2014 updated Anti-Eviction Mapping of Ellis:

Gen Fujioka, Policy Director at Chinatown Community Development Center, talked about Prop G, a November ballot issue and described it as being “our last firewall” in the fight for stopping evictions and preserving our rent-controlled housing stock for the majority of San Franciscans. I recently heard Supervisor Jane Kim state that we need affordable housing for our low income to middle class families, for the 60% of all San Franciscans earning between $0-$80,000.

Prop G, also known as the “Anti-speculation Tax”  only applies to Real Estate Speculators.

To learn more about Prop G:

Supervisor David Campos spoke about his Relocation Fee Increase for Ellisees legislation which passed in April 2014, and went into effect June 1st. While it is indeed being challenged in the courts today, Campos believes that it is legally solid. He also spoke about “Buy-outs”


Amy Chan, legislative aide to David Chiu talked about Vacation Rentals/Airbnb. North Beach is ground zero for vacation rentals: whole buildings are being converted to these short term rentals further exacerbating the housing crisis in a neighborhood hard hit by evictions.  Property values and rents are rising in response to units being taken off the market.  Clearly regulation is needed but given the gravity of the situation NBTC believes that Supervisor Chiu’s proposed legislation would benefit by more input by residents, tenants and home owners alike.  This is not a measure to pass in haste.


Many news articles about these temporary-rentals refer to a study that The Chonicle did earlier this year, for this reason, I include the link to this study here:


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