Since March of this year we have been offering free counseling for tenants in our neighborhood. I am happy to report that we have helped a large number of our neighbors learn more about their rights as tenants, as well as offer peace of mind in a fearful climate of Ellis Act evictions.That is the good news. Sadly, we have learned that many are also dealing with bullying tactics to force people out of their homes, evading rent control laws in the pursuit of greater profit. The bullying tactics are overwhelmingly from a few realtors and from many speculators who have recently purchased buildings. This is happening in many neighborhoods according to housing-tenants’ rights organizations in the city. A pattern of behaviour has been observed over the past two years and has increased more recently during this time of legislative attempts to protect and halt displacement of so many residents. We want to alert you to some of the tactics and to let you know what you can do to protect yourselves.



We will have our next Tenants Counseling Clinic on July 17th from 11am-12:15
Place: Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center 660 Lombard Street (Multi-purpose room)
We will also help those who are applying for the Mayor’s Ellis Act Preferential Housing Certificate.

We have scheduled these clinics during the day in order to best serve those who are elderly or disabled.We can add a weekend or evening clinic if there is enough demand. Please let us know.

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Catching Up… Two very important updates

Much has happened since April, in fact so much that we have unfortunately, neglected this site.
Beginning in February, we started attending hearings at City Hall regarding Supervisor Campos’s Relocation Fee Increase legislation, which went through weeks and weeks of discussion until April 8th when it was amended to become effective in 30 days. As of June 1st, 2014, all tenants who are in their homes on this day are elgible for the new relocation fee.
See: http://www.sfrb.org/index.aspx?page=1463 for a definition and calculation of how much your relocation fee is.
One should also keep in mind- should you be offered a “buy-out” -that you would want to know the amount you are entitled to based on this legislation before negotiating any amount with a new owner.

The other very important update is that the Mayor’s Preferential Housing Certificate Progam for those Ellis’d is now up and running. See: http://www.sfrb.org/index.aspx?page=1460 for a brief explanation.
It took some time to get everything in place and some issues with the application have been corrected and simplified.
See: http://sf-moh.org/index.aspx?page=1259 Application and list of buildings covered in the Mayor’s Program can be found at this site. If you need to call, it is recommended that you first read everything on this website and ask specific questions. I am told that “Vanessa” is extremely helpful and for those who cannot print out an application or the list of buildings, you can ask that these forms be sent to you via snail mail.