Housing -the way it was and the way it is today

The way it was for many of us was well portrayed in Armistead Maupin’s book and the mini- series “Tales of The City”-MaryAnne circled the ads in The Chronicle, three in her case, and proceeded to visit the flats listed. She easily landed in a great flat with the amazing Mrs. Madrigral as a landlord and became part of a diverse, yet close-knit building community. Today one races to be the first of 40 plus people standing outside a building and just as the speculators of today sell to the highest bidder, those same new “landlords” are taking in tenants who might offer three years of rent in advance or those who can show that their salary is six times the monthly rent of $3000. for a one bedroom flat.             What we note here in North Beach is a dwindling supply of vacancies as so many have been either converted into condominiums-having “bought-out” tenants under the threat of the Ellis Act- or those that have been converted into TICs (Tenancy-in-Common) units. The flats that are vacant are so costly that few of the  working class of San Francisco, the “Baby Boomers” and older can afford to rent them. Ellis Act evictions have forced so many out of their homes and the 24% increase in rents since 2012 forced them out of The City.

Armistead Maupin's Tales of The City: Apartment Hunting of yore

Armistead Maupin’s Tales of The City: Apartment Hunting of yore




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